[ Descendants of Charles Gee ]

William Henry Powers' mother-in-law is Lucy Gee. Like the Powers and the Bailey families, the Gee family have been long time residents of Lunenburg County. The Gee family comes from England or Scotland. But further back many historians say the family is probably French (Gui or Guy) and came into England during the Norman invasion in 1066.

In the 17th Century, there are Gee families in Lancashire, Cheshire and Nottinghamshire. The historian William Fletcher says "our line" comes from the Gee family in Manchaster and most likely the Stretford branch.

There are frequent family stories that suggest there are two brothers who come to America from England. That story goes on to say one brother's family-line died out in America (Henry Gee of Henrico County) and the other line is that of Charles Gee. There is no confirmation that Henry and Charles are brothers, but we can say with certainty that we come from the Charles Gee line.

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