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After 40 years in the news business, much of which involved the evolution of news content onto websites and mobile devices, I retired and decided to take on clients who want to use technology to its full potential.

That means content thats technically superior, user friendly, easy to find, relevant and always current.

I'm familiar with Drupal, WordPress, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, PHP, HTML5 and CSS. I can use these tools to update your existing site or design an entirely new one. In addition, I can help you keep your site current. That tells users your organization cares about the details.

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Here are examples of websites I've designed or kept updated. They range from simple, one or two page sites, to more complicated, interactive ones.

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Lake Gaston Guide

Client Project

Kerr Lake Guide

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Lunenburg Chamber

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Dave's Boat Service

Client Project

Eller Family Association

Client Project

Governor's School of Southside Virginia

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In addition to my web design work, I also am interested in family history and genealogy. I've done extensive research on the Power, Eller and other family lines and have linked to that information below.

This linked information is currently being updated. Please check back after January 2019 for those updates.

Powers Genealogy

And related lines

powers coat of armsMy Power/Powers family appear to have originated in England and Ireland, but the name is French. The name apparently started as le Poer, Povre, or just Pooer or possibly even Pohier. It is most likely our ancestors were not from the line that traces back to France but originated from irish (and some transplated English) serfs who worked the land on estates belonging to the le Poer (or Povre, Pooer or Pohier) family.

Eller Genealogy

And related lines

eller coat of armsWe know from 1740 to 1750, five young Eller men can from Germany, through Rotterdam to the port of Philadelphia and began the process of settling in the new world. They were Jacob, John Melchior, Christian, Henry and George Michael. Research suggests that the five men were likely first cousins, sons of three brothers Paul, Kaspar and Georg Eller. Our line starts from Christian Eller.

Terrell Genealogy

And related lines

eller coat of armsThe Terrell name traces back to France and Ralf, Sire de Tirel, de Poix and de Guernanville. There is overwhelming evidence that this line is the one that we find in England and Ireland in later generations. And there is also considerable evidence these English Tyrrolds (Tirrell, Tyrrell, etc.) are the ancestors of many of the immigrants to America (including ours).

Bailey Genealogy

And related lines

bailey coat of armsThe name Bailey is among the very earliest settlers in Colonial Virginia. William Bayley arrived in Jamestown in 1610 aboard the "Prosperous". This William was born in 1538. There are both name and geographic suggestions he could be our line.

Gee Genealogy

And related lines

gee coat of armsThe Gee family comes from England or Scotland. But further back many historians say the family is probably French (Gui or Guy) and came into England during the Norman invasion in 1066. There are family stories that suggest there are two brothers who come to America from England. One brother's family-line died out in America (Henry Gee of Henrico County) and the other line is ours, that of Charles Gee.

Paynter Genealogy

And related lines

paynter coat of armsThe Paynter name can be traced far back in the history of the Saxon people. The English name Paynter emerged as an influential name in the county of Cornwall. Thomas Paynter traces back to a line that originated in England and migrated to Warren County, North Carolina, by way of Barbados and Sussex County, Virginia.

Temple Genealogy

And related lines

temple coat of armsOur Temple line traces back to William Temple of Coombs Lane, in the Parish of Atworth, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, England. William was born about 1650. His sons, including our ancestor Thomas, immigrated to Goshen, Pennsylvania. Thomas arrived in 1713.

Wynn Genealogy

And related lines

wynn coat of armsThe Wynne (also Wyn, Winn and Gwynn) family comes from the Kings and Princes of Wales. The name means "white or fair." The Wynne family was among the earliest settlers in Virginia and took a prominent role here.

Hager Genealogy

And related lines

hager coat of armsThere are Hager families in Scotland, the Netherlands and in Germany. Our line comes from Germany where there are several variations in the spelling of the name. We believe we have traced our line back to Anzhausen, Wittgenstein, Germany.

Related Family Information

Including Web Links

tree graphicWe've found considerable information about our families online.

We have linked to some of the web sites with that information.


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